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Business Analytics

Weave Analytics Across Your Enterprise

Bridge the gap between analytics and execution and translate analytics into better business decision-making! At InCredo, we believe that business is analytics; analytics is business. We help you transform your business into a powerful data-driven enterprise that uses data to create value quickly. We specialize in building consumer-grade intelligence applications that empower your users with data discovery and seamlessly push content to your employees, partners, and customers in minutes.
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Self-Service and
Enterprise BI

Get Quick and Trusted Insights

Data-driven insights are a key competitive advantage for any industry today, but deriving insights from raw data can still take days or weeks. Most organizations can’t scale data science teams fast enough to keep up with the growing amounts of data to transform. We ease this problem with Self-service data and enterprise BI offerings. We help you build a self-service data science platform that allows your employees to extract insights from data. Our platform enables self-service analytics, converts raw data into clear, and empowers users to generate their own insights and be in control of the data-driven decisions.

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Data Visualization

Become a ‘Visual’ Organization

Build compelling data stories, utilize actionable insights, and transform your day-to-day work with effective data visualization from your increasingly large and complex data sets. Leverage the increasing power of visualization and InCredo’s expertise to navigate the bewildering amount of data.

We help you democratize both data and insights in a way that provides real-time access to all your employees in the organization.

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NLG/NLP/NLQ Tool Implementation

Make Your Data Answerable

Allow technology to not only process your data but also translate the findings into words and phrases that humans can understand. Utilize our expertise in NLQ Tool implementation that enables users to gain access to conversational analytics and user-friendly queries. 

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Data Management

Helping you build a modern, scalable data landscape

Before turning data into insights, it needs to be managed across on-premises and public, private and hybrid clouds. We assist you in managing different copies, data life cycles, adherence to governance and regulatory concerns, and more to ensure the right data is available to you at the right time and as needed. We offer direct-to-cloud data transfer as well as enhanced data classification.  In addition, our multi-cloud management capabilities include bulk data migration across clouds to help smoothen your journey toward multi-cloud deployments.

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Cloud Infra Management

Soar high in the clouds

At InCredo, we design, deploy, manage, monitor & support, and optimize your cloud environment and hybrid IT infrastructure. With dedicated cloud management services, we ensure a close tap on cost and resources. Enable and scale the key decision making POC’s to actual implementation.

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