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Russia Ukraine Dashboard

The dashboard provides information on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, featuring details on the military capabilities, casualties, and expenditures of both countries. Moreover, it examines the dependence of other nations on Russia’s natural resources and the possible ramifications of Russia suspending its exports. Additionally, the data presents a comparison of the population sizes of Ukrainian cities to cities in the United States and other non-US cities.

Airplane Crash Analysis

The aviation crash dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of global aviation accidents resulting in fatalities, including civil and commercial airliners, cargo and military transport, helicopters, airships, and accidents involving famous individuals. With interactive features and easy navigation, the dashboard is a valuable tool for aviation safety professionals, regulators, and stakeholders to gain insights into the causes and trends of aviation disasters and work towards a safer industry.

Global Energy Transition

The Global Energy Transition dashboard is primarily concerned with the global trends in the type of energy sources being used and their effects over the years (since 1971), in present and predictions for 2050 under the Stated Policies Scenario and NetZero Emissions by 2050. The Stated Policies Scenario projects future energy trends based on current policies. Net Zero Emissions aims to balance greenhouse gas emissions with their removal from the atmosphere. The utilization of non-renewable energy sources is directly linked to significant carbon dioxide emissions-the primary effect. The secondary effects of this include rising temperatures, changes in sea level, and an increase in natural disasters.