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Data Governance in Databricks

Databricks is a unified set of tools for building, deploying, sharing, and maintaining enterprise-grade data solutions at scale. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform integrates with cloud storage and security in your cloud account, and manages and deploys cloud infrastructure on your behalf. What is Databricks used for? Our customers use Databricks to process, store, clean, share, […]


Components of Data Lakehouse

In the era of big data, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to store, manage, and analyze vast amounts of data. The emergence of data lakehouses has revolutionized data architecture by combining the strengths of data lakes and data warehouses into a unified and scalable platform. A data lakehouse provides the flexibility of a data […]


Introduction to Data Lakehouse

A data platform known as a “data lakehouse” combines the finest features of data lakes and warehouses into a single data management solution. Although data warehouses can be more expensive and have fewer scalability options than data lakes, they are typically more performant than the latter. By using cloud object storage to store a wider […]


Data Observability

In the era of big data and advanced analytics, organizations are increasingly relying on data to drive decision-making processes. However, the complexity and scale of data ecosystems have made it challenging to ensure data reliability, accuracy, and performance. This is where data observability comes into play. Data observability enables organizations to gain deeper insights into […]


Mastering Data Governance: Essential Tools for Effective Data Management

In today’s data-driven world, organizations face immense challenges in managing and harnessing the power of data. Data governance plays a critical role in ensuring data quality, security, compliance, and overall data management strategy. To navigate this complex landscape, businesses must leverage the right tools to streamline their data governance processes. Data Governance refers to the […]